7 Hottest Summer wedding trends

Wedding season is almost upon us and this infographic from Valentina Fine Diamonds takes you through what you’re likely to see as you attend weddings up and down the country over the next few months. In Ireland, of course, we can never completely trust the weather, but if we get it there are some amazing venues for weddings. Friday has become a popular day to get married with 247 marriages taking place on the first Friday in August 2015.

Keep an eye out for things like a lot of flowers (even more than usual!). Other cool things like wedding food trucks are getting more and more popular in Ireland and how could anyone not enjoy these?! There’s nothing like a bit of grub after a glass of wine (or a few!). Of course, the best-laid plans can be ruined if you don’t get the weather but try not to fret too much and just enjoy the day. Find out more about the latest wedding trends in the infographic!

An infographic by the team at Valentina Fine Diamonds

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