7 Steps to a Budget Friendly Wedding

Hello Savers,

For many of us, one of the biggest expenses of life is getting married. We tied the knot in Sept 2016 and with nothing short of careful planning, shopping around and asking (Yes, asking!), we had an amazing day. So we wanted to share our tips and tricks to show you how you can have a dream wedding for a fraction of the price. There is really no reason you cannot have an amazing day for under 10K in Ireland or Northern Ireland.

So without further a due, here is how and where you can save when it comes to the big day.

  1. Currency and Location

We chose to have our wedding in Fermanagh, Northen Ireland for many reasons, but one of those was very good exchange rates. As both of us work and live in the Southern Ireland, we compared the prices for venues here and there based on prices, star, value and several other attributes (like the ease of travel for guests). North won. Please do not consider this in any way a speculation and you, absolutely, do not have to even consider this if your heart is set on location. It worked very well for us, however.

Total Savings: around 600 euro

2. Do Not Hire Videographer or Photographer

Wedding on a budget

We were lucky that 2 of our close friends are handy with a camera. So we saved ourselves a pile of cash. What you can do with the footage is to send it to someone who can edit it all into a big long video or a short one like we did. All the pictures can also be touched up professionally after.

Total Savings: around 1,200 euro

3. Rent a Suit or Dress

We went whire ith buying a new wedding dress and renting a suit with accessories. What you can do if you end up buying is to sell the suit or the dress after the event. That will bring back some much-needed cash.

Total Savings: 200 euro (potentially more and depends on the resale of the dress)

4. Flowers

Wedding on a budget

We ended up buying a basic bouquet from M&S (30 euro) and decorating it with ribbon and more flowers from a flower shop. Most wedding bouquets range from 75 to 150 euro. Even at the middle price, there is still saving to be made. You can do the same for the center pieces and what else. Just buy flowers from your supermarket or florist and either make it yourself or ask your close ones to get creative. Weddings are about inclusion, so they would love to be a part of yours in any way they can.

Total Savings: 200 euro

5. Cake

Wedding on a budget

After getting several quotes on the cakes, we got a tip from someone to go with an easy option – order a cake from M&S! You can choose the colour, flavour and as many layers you like, each of any size you like! It worked for us very well and our guests loved the cake.

Total Savings: 250 euro

6. Hair & Make-Up

We did not have any hairdressing friends, so we ended up calling a hair salon close to the location. However, the makeup is something you can master in the days before the wedding with a couple of YouTube tutorials or ask a friend to help out.

Total Savings: 100-150 euro

7. Entertainment

Wedding on a budget

If you check the prices for bands and DJs with agencies, you will probably be initially shocked. Not only those are expensive, but also very hard to book for your date. However, if you are unique with entertainment as well as creative in your approach, there is a lot of savings to be made here. We decided on the violin for our dinner entertainment and instead of contacting agencies and browsing wedding blogs and sites, we contacted local college that has music as a subject in the area. Filled out a form on their website (or you could call them or visit if you live close by) and asked if there was anyone that played the violin and would be available for an event. The same night we got a call from a lovely lady, who teaches part-time at the college. She was kind to play for us over Skype call and after agreeing to pay her a mere 200 pounds for 3 hours of entertainment, she was HIRED!

Later we forwarded her a list of songs, she made sure she had the sheets of music ready and practiced enough. We could not be happier.

As the same goes for DJ or anything else, just ask local pubs or colleges where parties are held. You are sure to find someone who can provide the same service for a fraction of the price.

Total Savings: 500-1000 euro.

Our wedding day was beautiful and we would not have done anything different. Our total spend was 5,500 euro and it included pre-wedding dinner a night before for us and the guests, all expenses traveling to th location, 4-star hotel suite, dinner on the boat (Fermanagh Lakes Lands) and even a limo to take us and the guests around. The best thing about it though?  We do not have any debt and were able to do it all with our savings and even have more left over for the honeymoon which we plan to take next year.

Our advice? Don’t be afraid to do things differently, don’t let anyone to make decisions on your behalf. By staying in control of planning and finances, you will lift the financial burden from you and your spouse in the future. Always remember that most cause of fights and divorces is cause by lack of finances. So make sure you are off to a good start!

Do you have tips of your own on how to save when it comes to a wedding? Please share in the comments!


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