About Us

Who We Are

We are a couple based in Cork, Ireland. Just like many if not all of you, we are consumers of various products and services. We value our hard-earned cash and want to make right decisions when it comes to spending. We believe that money saved equals the money earned. We want you to utilise your hard earned money fruitfully just as we try to do.

We also believe greatly in business improvement and customer satisfaction for the sake of everybody. We will make you aware about the innovative ideas taking place at the market place along with  listed a number of sections on our website which will help you to spend your money amongst the right hands.

Our passion for helping individuals and businesses grow impelled us to do intensive research and thus the idea of Ireland Check was born to share our experience and knowledge with business owners and individuals. We love value and good service and we are here to share our money-saving ideas along with independent business reviews. We wish to spread our words among the masses, in order to make everyone benefit from our work.

We believe better service benefits everybody short and long term!