Best Time to Buy – Part 2

Hello Savers,

For those of you who follow us on Twitter know that we have been actively seeking out tips for saving, getting out of debt and best times to buy. We decided to dedicate the whole blog post on the area of best times to buy. This is part 2 of the Blog Post if you have not read Part 1, please catch up here.


Maybe not an obvious one, but July is good for buying video games. Other items include furniture, home decor and tools.


Another good month to invest into swim clothes. Also kids clothes, linen, storage items, office furniture and supplies are good value in August too.


Holiday airfare is good value and worth mentioning here. Other items – bicycles and cars.


If you have not got enough furniture earlier in the year, you have another chance. Appliances, Patio Furniture are even better value in October. Another interesting item – jeans!


Home Electronics!


Electronics still and other items like tools, pools and (guess what) champagne! Seems like perfect Christmas combination.

In the next blog posts we are going to reveal our savings monthly time sheet.  For the whole month we recorded our spending vs gains. You might be surprised to see where it is possible to gain or cut a corner or two!

Stay reading. Stay saving.

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