How & What You Can (& Should) Re-Use

Hello Savers,

You may not realise, but sometimes you are wasting something that could be re-used or used in a different way.

water in the sink to re-use


Water is something most have to pay for. So here is how you can help the bill – fill up the sink and soaked dishes in a matter of priority. Glasses and other cleaners items first, plates second and so on. If you do this every time you have a sink that is full of dishes, it might just save you as much as 50-100 dollars on the water bill in the end of the year, not to mention the washing up liquid. If you are a couple, we do not need to tell you about the benefits of having a shower together, besides using less water (wink wink ).

paper cup planting


Those who love gardening and/or growing own veg know that buying containers can cost a bit, so why not cut corners and use your paper coffee cups and empty plastic biscuits containers as temporary pots? Same goes for egg containers and other containers (damaged/unused cups/mugs, glasses, etc). For more ideas, check out this link.

Tea Bags

As well as excellent compost, tea bags could be used as a cure for tired eyes and many other surprising uses in beauty.

wine cork art


Wine Corks

Can make a great house decoration, just check out this article which explores 50 ideas on wine cork crafts. If you chop them up and add them to soil, they make good moisture-retaining mulch. You can even soak them in rubbing alcohol and make cheap and effective fire lighters.


Shampoo/Liquid Soap

Ok, not really a re-use, but smart idea anyway. Sometimes you happened to buy a product that just isn’t for you. So it ends up sitting on the shelf or (worse) tossed into the bin. What we do is change the application of the product, so in turn, it saves you money by not wasting the purchase and also keeps you from spending more money. Shampoo or liquid soap, for example, could be used to clean the make-up brushes, wash delicate clothing items or even wash your car or wooden floors! Just look around your house (with a problem- solving-frugal goggles) and see what you bought and have not used in a while. Perhaps this item can be applied differently and be of use after all!

Got tips of your own? Please share in the comments below!

Happy Re-Using,

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