Christmas Party on a Budget

How to spend a great night and gain #christmas #ireland #cash #money Click To TweetMany of us will be attending company Christmas dinners and parties this month including us at Ireland Check. Most of you who follow us know that we are a couple with regular office jobs who want to prove that living on a budget could feel like a luxury. We want to make budgeting and saving fun. So we decided to write a post on how to go to a Christmas do without major expense.


Rent, buy second-hand, borrow attire or use what you already have

Our cost was under 50 euros for both of us


Forgo expensive hair do’s and makeup. YouTube has many tutorial on how to DIY hair and makeup. It will save at least 100 euros.


To avoid expensive taxi fare, use company busses to get to the place if available. We shared the taxi there and back. Which ended saving us 50% of the fare.

Food & Drinks

We had to pay a little for the ticket, but this included a buffet and 3 drinks each. We managed to only buy 3 outside of the allowance and instead of queuing at the bar, hit the dance floor. Not only dancing is a good exercise, it also passes some time, that you would spend queuing or drinking.


Get into as many competitions as you can. There is also a chance you can end up with a prize or two.

One of us ended up winning a voucher and get some other bits.

Our total cost was under 150 euro and the voucher we won is at least worth that.

Great party and it did not cost us a thing in the end!

Happy Holiday!

Ireland Check.


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