How to Furnish Your Home for FREE

Hello Savers,

At this stage, you know how passionate we are about saving, recycling and also FREE stuff. While many believe that FREE is maybe second best, it is not entirely true.

This post is about how we recently found many items for our home absolutely FREE thanks to You may have already come across our blog post titled How to Sell Your Junk & What We Learned in the Process, where we described the process on how to make money from your unwanted items by listing them and selling them on websites, such as or  However, there is more than just selling on one these websites. In this post, we are about to spill the beans on how we managed to furnish our home on a budget or practically FREE so you can do it too. Without further adue, How to Furnish Your Home on a Budget post is here!

There is a surprising amount of generous people out there and there are no shortage of websites. If you head to and find a category titled FREE, you will find a number of items listed that people just want GONE. Some of them would be already “Requested” (more on this below) and many probably those items are wanted by you, but sadly are miles away. There is also a popular Free Trade Ireland website, where you can find all sorts of furniture for free.  We will focus, however on the in this post as this is where we have found the most value and became part of the growing community of givers and takers.

FREE Stuff

So here is how to find what you need for FREE

1. Use Filters

It is always a good idea to narrow your search. Select your location at the very least, so you are looking at the items in your area. Select a different area, if you are prepared to travel (this will mean how badly you need the item or perhaps you found several items in the same area and do not mind driving out to collect all at once). There are also categories for items, such a “Baby”, “Clothes” and so on. If you know what you are looking for and the category is easy to identify, then use this strategy to narrow down your search.

2. Try searching for exact items

i.e. bed frame, mirror, door, wardrobe.

3. Request the item

Free Stuff

What this simply means that anyone who comes across the item asked the advertiser to have the item. Do not get discouraged if the item you want is already under the request (you can check by scrolling down if the item has been requested by another user of the website already), instead,request the item and add a condition or a comment, something simple as “Can collect right away” works magic. Also, sometimes many individuals request the items, but do not show up to collect and since the advertiser wants the item (especially furniture or big items) to be gone ASAP, you are likely to be next in line for the item if the person does not show up within 24 hours.

4. Create Alerts

If you are on the website and looking for something for the first time, you may not find it. However, if you set up an alert for what you are looking for and monitor your “INBOX”, once someone posts the item, you will get a notification and can then be in the front line for requesting.

5. Collect the item

Make arrangements to collect the item once the request has been accepted. It is a good idea to install the app on your phone, so once the request is accepted, you can message the advertiser privately and ask them when it is most convenient to collect. In many cases, the advertiser will give you their address, phone number and even directions.

6. Leave feedback

Once you got the item, leave a feedback for the person who gave you the item. It is always a nice and small thing to do as a token as appreciation. If you are collecting something big or valuable, it is not unusual to bring a box of sweets for the person, however, it is not required if not asked for specifically by advertiser. It is totally up to you. This also helps the person giving away the item to build up a positive image within the community. This is crucial if they are also selling items. Perhaps, they will also leave you feedback.

So far we have been lucky to find a free coffee table, mirror, baby furniture and other items. This approach has saved us hundreds in the last 18 months.

Happy hunting!

Ireland Check.

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