Hello All & Welcome to Ireland Check!

We are a couple who deal with various types of businesses on a weekly basis. We have been noticing and spreading the word about businesses that deliver excellent service and products since 2015. We want all businesses to be successful and help them realise their full potential. Whether you are a shop, a restaurant or a dental practice, you too can benefit from our assessment.

Why Get Us to Assess You?

  • We have consumer knowledge, we know exactly why people come to you or they don’t
  • We See Your Brand – Everything you do, either verbally or in written format, reflects your brand. Your online presence is where you need to shine first and we got the skills to make you shine
  • We know how the service should be delivered, so all you have to do is to focus on your product
  • Not only you will benefit from initial FREE online presence assessment, you will get a chance to get access to more services with us at the discounted rate
  • We help you discover and monetize on different channels and find new audiences
  • We work with other professionals who can help you in many other areas at very competitive rates