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Many of you know how hard it could be to budget and save at the best of times. One little trick we talked about before to help you along the way is to have a goal in mind. We, for example, love going away. Whether it is an Irish break, European city break or a sun-sea-beach holiday, we are always ready to take off on the next adventure. This amongst few other things keeps us motivated. Trips can cost a small fortune when you add up flights, accommodation, spending money and souvenirs.  Sometimes just thinking about this can be off-putting and scary.  We do know that many people would love to travel more, but simply do not, cause they are struggling with the thought of the cost. It is, however, very possible to have several trips a year or one grand holiday without breaking the bank. In this article, we discuss how the technology, rise of the travel start-ups and our small tips can save you cash on a foreign holiday. Since we are a couple, we travel together most of the time, but our tips could be used for solo travellers alike. We are not family yet, so if you are looking for a family travel tips, we cannot provide you with those yet due to an absence of experience! We do hope you like the article and each will have something to take away from it.

Decide Where & When

Save Travel Globe

If the destination is not important and you have no particular time preference, you are already at an advantage. Here is where you should really start. Decide on what experience you would like to achieve –  it could be immersing into culture or arts, driving around and looking at historic sights, just relaxing and being in your own world or out and about talking to people similar to yourself. It could even be all of the above. The world has really no shortage of destinations to cater for all tastes. You just need to know what you want and where to look. If you just want to get away, consider Falcon Holidays – Last Minute Holiday Deals, directly from Ireland, those are sure to save you a lot vs a planned holiday.

Reviews Reviews Reviews

Just a location location location when you are looking for a place to stay, the reviews of the place you are planning to visit are a very important step of the trip planning. Make sure you look at least 5 reviews from 2-3 different sites, such as Trip Advisor, or Expedia. Many travellers have put their time effort and funds to go somewhere, so in most cases, their opinion is valued by others and can save you a lot of trouble and money.

Beware of fake reviews, many businesses now buy positive reviews. It is easy to spot those, all you need is pay attention to the negative ones. If the same points come up across negative reviews and those points really mean negative to you (not all negative points mean the same thing to all people), pick another destination. Remember to value your time and money.

Save Travel Airlines Ireland

Look for Flights

Air France Ireland offer excellent loyalty programme and discounts, be sure to sign up for the miles programme and also their newsletter. Most experts advise booking flights at least 4 months in advance and for some unknown reason on a Wednesday. Check websites like and, but also check the airlines directly. Budget airlines sometimes have 24-hour deals or last minute deals (which are not exactly last minute, they are just called that). You may want to sign up for airline newsletter to be in known if they have discounts, offers, or even better – COMPETITIONS! Check out packaged holidays, they often represent a great value for money if you are not looking for an exclusive location or tailored experience. You could snap a bargain. In Ireland, options are scarce but available. We recommend Falcon Holidays – Last Minute Holiday Deals . It sure can save you buckets of cash.


If you can get away with only bringing hand luggage, this will save you at least 30 euro Remember you can bring a handbag too in addition to a small suitcase on the board of a plane.… Click To Tweet


There are now so many options out there, it is hard to know. But here is what we often find helpful. Think about where you would like to spend most of your time in this location. Is it in the centre or at the hotel/B&B/AirBnB? In the last 2 years more and more travellers chose Air BnB as their accommodation. It is not for everybody. Yes, it could save you cash and provide local experience. You could also meet the people and all the rest that comes with staying in somebody’s home. However, if you know the flight might be delayed, want someone available 24/7, a hotel is your likely choice.

Consider the cost of accommodation vs transport costs

Sometimes, the hotel near the airport could be cheaper and means once you land, you can be at your hotel within minutes. This is important if you are taking a late flight. This, of course also means travelling to sights or somewhere out (as most airports are not located in the centre), however, some cities have plenty of amenities around the airport, good transport links and 3-7 day passes are available at reasonable price. This means you will save on the accommodation and still get to see everything. Since you are on a holiday, you should have a lot more time, so it is actually nice to take time and travel by metro/tram/bus so you can see other areas and observe. Travel is about discovery, immersing into new surrounds, so why not also benefit from the cost of this experience? Smart savers do and it does not diminish the experience in any way, trust us.

One of the other ways to save is to stay with a someone. Got any old college mates in France or Spain? Send them an email and say hello, start talking again and before you know it, you could have a free bed somewhere exotic. Many people now travel and take up jobs in most unexpected locations. It is one of the great ways we got to discover Western New York State and the island of Jersey close to France.

Travel Insurance

Yes, there is another expense when it comes to leaving the country. You can trust us and the world that this is not something you want to save on. There are so many things to think about already when planning a trip, so you probably just want to breath out and have a good time in the end. Travel insurance is one thing to have when things go wrong…A bit like a seatbelt when you are driving. If you got into any sort of troubles, the first thing any lawyer would ask “Did you have your seatbelt on?”. Well, it is pretty much the same as travel insurance. If god forbid something happens, the first thing you will be asked –  “Have you got a travel insurance?”. We bet you want to answer “Yes” to both of those questions. If you have travel insurance you have a peace of mind, go with your gut on this.

Lost luggage, trip cancellation, medical emergency


Eating Out/Spending Money

What we usually do is use this known trick of looking up Groupon offers in the place where we are traveling to. You often find  meal/experience/sights tickets with good discounts. Also when you sign up via the link, you can use discount code SAVE10 and it will save you further 10 euro on the first purchase. If you have a partner/family/friends, invite them and get 6 euro credited to your account to spend on more Groupons. You could end up eating and sightseeing for free on your next trip! The value here is really hard to beat.

What also helps is to set a daily budget spending money. The easiest to figure this out is to work back from your original total trip budget (and that you need to set by looking at your available cash). If you budget was 1,000 euro and you end up spending 500 on flights and accommodation, then you have 500 to spend on the rest of the trip. Divide the sum by the number of days and you have a daily spending figured out. All you have to do now is to stick to it! If you prefer not to think about cash and be on a strict budget, book an Falcon Holidays – All Inclusive.

Getting to the Aiport

Getting to the airport can add up to the overall expense of the trip. This is especially if you do not live close to an airport. Try forums and lift sharing apps like Carma to see if you can get a lift or ask one of your friends or relatives to drop you to the airport. If those are not the option, check out the price of long-term and short-term parking at the airport or other locations around the airport. Some hotels offer lower parking rates and even provide a shuttle bus to the terminal.


Last, but not least

travel water bottle

One of the small ways to save is not to buy (or buy very little) bottled water. All you need is to purchase and bring a plastic water bottle with you. Once you get to departure gates, drink all the water and put an empty bottle in your bag or carry through in your hands. You can ask at a cafe in the airport to re-fill the water (free of charge), find a fountain (usually near WC) or ask a flight attendant on the plane. Please note, Ryanair make you buy bottled water and will not refill your bottle. So if you are flying Ryanair and need water on the plane, be sure to have the bottle refilled before you board.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Be sure to check out our other article. We are here to fight for value for money and regularly approach businesses on your behalf. Want to know what we are up to and who is doing a good and bad job providing service in Ireland?

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