How to Save Money Buying Quality Clothing

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By now you should be on your way to creating a solid lifestyle and maybe even thinking up some savings ideas of your own. As for Ireland Check, we are thinking and putting to practice many ideas and of course happy to share those with you. We might have talked about the idea of buying quality stuff before instead of picking it up something on the cheap. Let us remind you that when it comes to certain items, it makes a lot more sense to buy quality than keep spending small amounts but frequently. It will end up costing you more in the long run. In this article, we will share the info on how branded items can be bought at discount prices, tell you why you should not shop on Amazon and disclose some our wardrobe secrets. Intrigued? Let’s get to it.

eBay As You Don’t Know it

Save money Buying Quality Clothing

It is no secret that the popularity of Ebay has gone down in the last 2 years. Many have switched to other sites and also buying second-hand items from local sites such as or Craig’s list. However,  Ebay is a huge business and a trusted platform and they are fighting to stay alive. In the previous posts, we mentioned how you can save money on searching for the same item across different sites, a bit like Trivago for hotels, you can perform a cross search. Within minutes of a search for winter boots, we came across the cheapest item on Ebay. Here is the deal, though, the boots came from Office shoe retailer and were marked down for being a display model.  We took a chance. 45% cheaper than the actual brand store, 5-pound courier delivery to Ireland within 4 days. It was a no-brainer. The boots arrived boxed and in perfect condition. If you are size 5, order size 6 as those have no zip, it could be a challenge with wider feet to get those on. We loved them so much, we went back to eBay and ordered another pair from Office ex-display pile, even cheaper this time due to a very low pound exchange rate.

Do Not Shop on Amazon

The term “drop shipping” might be unknown to you. But here’s what it means, several individuals making sales via Amazon, but actually buying items on AliExpress by and this buy low, sell high is happening for some time now. The advertise the item on Amazon but do not handle any packing and dispatching. When you get your item, it actually comes from the manufacturer. We first learned about Aliexpress from a friend, who was practically buying everything from this site for pennies. Yes, literally pennies. So what you need to do is register an account and then start creating your wish list. The site has millions, if not billions of suppliers, so don’t get too lost. You can revise your list later. Tip #1 – it might take up to 39 days for items to arrive from AliExpress by, so if you have birthdays coming up or going on holiday, make sure to spend an hour and order all your items a month or 40 days ahead. You will not regret it.


Some of the deals are amazing, such as Kids & Mother Care – All you need for caring for your little one. Up to 50% off! And there is more. You can often find the same item but three times cheaper on Aliexpress compared to Amazon. We glad we found out about this site. And its all made in China anyway! The difference is – how much money you save!

Bank Card Rewards

When our bank launched rewards program we immediately signed up. Not long after we were traveling through London and got an email from the program with current savings available. We both needed sunglasses and wanted to buy a polarised pair, so when we saw 10% cash back on Sunglass Hut, we headed in that direction. Not only we did not pay tax (naturally in duty-free shops), we got a further 10% cash back from the program. Does your bank have a rewards program? Sign up now and wear stylish ray bans at fraction of the cost or anything that you are looking for..It might just pop up.

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Ireland Check.

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