Ways to Increase Income – Part 2

Hello Savers,

So we already shared ways to save on this site and we will continue doing that via our blog too (because savings is what we are about).

Today however, we want to share ways you can increase your income. This is Part 2, if you have not read Part 1, please have check it out here.

One of the many ways people gain extra income is by turning their talents into cash (Yes, we know some of you already doing it 9-5 and earning a pretty awesome wage). There are no shortage of websites and also plenty of people who would pay a once off fee for a little help with their work/project.

So if you want to make money towards a goal or something you have been saving for and there is simply not enough in the bank at the end of the month this is one of the ways. Globally and in Ireland there are number of options and we have made a list of those below:




If online gain is not for you, then why not advertise as a dog walker or a pet sitter? Few of those jobs per year might end up paying for something very significant. And pennies do add up!

Helpful links:




If those are still not suitable, why not sell or swap the stuff you no longer use? Good tip here is – if you have not used it for  year, then you probably do not need it. Cash will be good for you and someone might enjoy the bargain. We do have a share economy, we just do not use it as much as we should.

We have managed to increase our income through months of gaining, would you like to increase yours?

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