General Saving Tips

1. Have a goal

Whether it is saving for a car or a dream vacation. It helps making rational choices when you have something bigger in mind. You need to start somewhere.

2. Make lists

And have them handy with you always. That does not mean having bits of paper stuck in your pocket and you certainly do not need to carry a Filofax. Choose what works for you, see our page on organizers and tools to help you along the way here.

3. Every Cent Counts

Try and use small coins where you can and if you are in the habit of throwing the small change around the house, get a jar and put it somewhere handy, so anytime you are tempted to empty your pockets, it will go into the jar. You will be amazed how quickly those add up and you can use them for shopping or paying for parking.

4. Shop around

Whether it is filling up the car or buying a house. Everything comes down to research and evaluation. Be clear on what, why and how much are you willing to sacrifice. Also who offers best value including after care if needed.

5. Have Fun with it

Every time we make a saving or find a great deal it – it’s a joint thrill. We can have something we need now and we made a wise decision by not spending a lot on it. It feels good and should make you proud.

6. Keep Receipts

Receipts are more valuable than you think. If you buy something and it is faulty, most retailers in Ireland would require a receipt in order to make a refund or repair. If you do not have one, you might find yourself out of pocket. And there are other reasons, please read this post for more info.

7. Plan your purchases

Question every purchase – Need or Want?

If you have a car payment overdue or mortgage payment, maybe you don’t need to go out this weekend. The only way to get on top of your finances is to cut back. Keep track of your spending, there are no shortage of mobile/online tools available as well as old fashioned ways like lists/notebooks. Good tip here is sign up for supermarket specials and plan your grocery purchases and anything you might need.

8. Avoid Fines

Fines of any sort are an expensive way to pay for something that could have been prevented. So before breaking that speed limit in order to get there 3 mins faster, ask yourself if this really worth it and do you want to discover something unwanted in the post one day?

9. Prioritise

Maybe you do not need that latest iPhone but your car could do with some new tyres. After all it is image vs safety!

10. Have positive attitude

Instead of saving for a rainy day, make a saving plan for a sunny day at the beach!