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What is obvious to us, might not be obvious to others. We meet a lot of people who tell us they are struggling with something. Mostly it is finances (second most common is losing weight and third is getting enough sleep). It seems a lot of people out there simply do not know how to manage their finances (basically we know that and that is why we started this website). We like helping, but sharing tips and also showing how it worked for us. Also that it is the baby steps and being careful in every area of spending is what gets you moderate results and over time – big results.

Bringing own lunch to work or college or park instead of spending 5-15 euro on buying one is a very sensible way of cutting back. Our research showed a lot of information available for US & Canada regarding on the possible savings. We do not have exact figures about how much you could save as it is all depends on what you eat and how much of it. But to put it simply, if you buy a sandwich and a drink from a supermarket or a newsagent every day for 5 days a week it probably costs you about 5 euro. If you bought ham and cheese or salami and made the same sandwich at home with brown bread – it would cost you about 1.20 euro on average. Add a bottle of water or orange juice – 2.50 euro. So the saving is 50% already. And there are ways to cut it. Since we live together and work Monday to Friday, we buy bulk, make the fillings for both of us and it is different every day as we freeze leftovers sometimes and re-use them following week. It is not for everybody, so you can tailor it to your own needs. If we were buying sandwiches – it would cost us an approx. 50 euro per week. Instead our average spending on lunches is 12 euro per week.

If you work 47 weeks in the year – your savings would be about 900 euro (you would spend 25 euro per week buying ready-made (47 weeks * 25 =1175) vs 6 euro per week if you made it at home, 47 weeks * 6 = 282).  The cost of buying lunch goes higher is you buy pub lunch and it goes even higher if you buy a coffee to go before you even get to work. This is definitely something to think about. Planning and grocery shopping only takes 30 mins per week, so it is well worth doing.

And if you are struggling financially and do not know where to start?  This is one area that you need to consider if you are not already doing it.

Happy Saving!

Ireland Check.


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