Why You Should Sell Your Junk for Cash

Let’s face it, There are tons of things in your home and life that you don’t use, need, or even particularly want. Click To Tweet They just came into your life as impulsive flotsam and jetsam and never found a good exit. Whether you’re aware of it or not, this clutter creates indecision and distractions, consuming attention and making unfettered happiness a real chore (Tim Ferris, 2009).”


Everyone is obsessed with this new method of getting rid of junk. Have you heard of The Life-Changing Method of Tidying Up? This book and The KonMari method have been all over the internet lately. People are getting rid of items that don’t “spark joy” while throwing away bags and bags of stuff. What they aren’t doing is selling those things! Well, this week, we’ll go through the process of deciding what to sell, where to sell it, and the quick way make REAL money. In the last year we made over a 1,000 euro in cash selling stuff we found in the shed, spare rooms and good old closet. So we are here to convince you Why You Should Sell Your Junk for Cash.

Sell Your Stuff

Here’s the deal. I used the word junk instead of the word trash. Why? Because you can’t sell trash. A chipped plate, or a used toothbrush cannot be sold. A fondue set that you bought last Christmas but never used can be sold. Someone wants to take if off your hands. Trust us.

 Trash, Donate, Sell

The KonMari method is no brainer and it can be used to separate your stuff and find junk that can be sold. So get this to work for you. Get 3 boxes – trash, donate and sell. Broken items, things with holes in it, things that won’t work even if you put new batteries in them. That is trash.
Donated items would be things that aren’t in the best condition, but would still be useful. A mug that has a faded logo, for example, casserole dish that has a lot of stains from the oven.
Items in the sell pile are things that you really can’t use in your house, but are in good condition and could be used by someone else. Those holiday and birthday gifts that you kept, but never opened or used? It’s time to sell them. A tennis racket that has been gathering dust for the last 6 years?

Decide on places to sell
The hot, new place to sell your stuff is within Facebook Groups. Why are these yielding lots of sells? Because they buyers are local, and more likely to group a few of your sales together, so they get more bang for their buck when picking up their items. Someone may want that never used fondue pot or use-once-or-twice cocktail shaker. Trust us on this. We did it. Those things sell.

Things to bear in mind

  • Some things sell faster than others
  • Do not sell lingerie unless its new (with/without tags)
  • Do not sell meds (illegal)
  • If a buyer is happy with the purchase, ask for a review and leave one back for them
  • List many items (will take you about an hour to take pics and write up descriptions, based on about 1o items)
  • Provide good pics and descriptions (measurements, etc)
  • Provide a suggestion on how this could be used/worn/utilized
  • Try to use one site to start with and build up reviews (people will be more likely to buy from you)
  • If you won’t post or deliver the items, clearly state this in the ad. It will save time and you eliminate unwanted buyers.
  • Re-list ads regularly, download apps for the sites and all this can be done in seconds from your phone.

Need sites to sell your stuff to? Check these out:






Once You Listed 

You may or may not get an offer right away. But the key is to remain positive and determined.  You can opt in for a free bump in 30 days or re-list item (perhaps even use different category this time). Do not get discouraged and just keep bumping up. The right buyer will come your way. If you are lucky and someone makes an offer on contacts you, make sure you provide 2 available times for exchange and anticipate that other party might not have the correct amount, so bring change. It will save you hassle and avoid running around or selling your item under-priced.

Happy Selling!

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