How to Sell Your Junk & What We Learned in the Process

Hello Savers,


Many of you know this. We made over a 1,000 euro in cash in the last year selling stuff we owed and hardly used. Selling your junk is a lengthy and time-consuming process, but very profitable and you are helping someone save too (since they are getting item second hand instead of splashing out on a new one). Emerse yourself in the,ultip-step process of selling your junk and see what we learned in the process.


Before You Post the Ad


Find items you have not used in the last year. This might require looking in sheds, garages, wardrobes and other storage locations, like attic maybe. Everything (you bought and no longer use)  goes as far as we are concerned.
Sell clothes Ireland Check
Clean/Wash the items if needed

Take Pictures We upload 3-4 pics to most ads. You want to show good sides and (yes) bad sides too. You want to attract genuine buyers, who will give you positive review, not complain about the item. Scamming does not work.

Decide where you will advertise, we recommend choosing one platform (,,,, etc).This will be helpful to build up your seller’s profile. Once you sell couple of items and get the good score, others sales will follow on that basis.


Posting Your Ad


Item description


Size (state UK, American and European size when it comes to clothing and shoes), brand, is the item unique in any way or a limited edition?

Catchy title is a start


Here are some examples:
WALK YOUR WAY THROUGH WINTER (works for a treadmill)


State Why


Provide a reason as why you no longer NEED the item. Stating you don’t WANT it will not be a good motivator for others to buy it. Use, “I no longer need it due to relocation, or don’t use it enough, this item needs a new loving home, or no longer play the sport”. We use genuine reasons why and this is why we could sell a lot of items without issues. Reviews are extremely important when it comes to selling stuff online.  There is a very small chance that even if you do well, somebody might just not be content. Don’t be upset and just add more to description next time.


Give an idea on how people can use it or why they might need it in their lives. Like with kitchen items: perfect for breakfast, or perfect for birthday treat or think back, why did YOU buy it??? This maybe because you wanted to impress at a dinner party OR had spare cash burning in your pocket.   People always have and need a reason to buy…Why not provide it?


Timing is everything when it comes to posting your ad. We tend to post the same ad twice a week or twice over a weekend.   If we really think we need to sell it that week or right now, like seasonal items, we post it over and over. At the start of January, we had a buyer for self-help books, but we were away. When we came back 10 days later they were gone and the need for it was gone, like January resolutions, the needs for supporting materials has vanished as fast as the January motivation.


This brings about the next point, do not renew ads unless you are available for the exchange. Buyers are not likely to wait for several days unless you have secured the payment straight away.  On many occasions, we sold items to buyers in another county. That meant they paid via PayPal (make sure you calculate postage and seller’s fees and ask for the total amount to be sent).

Try to respond fast if you get an offer and provide 2-3 options for a time to meet and offer to post as well. We use courier service as they collect from you and deliver for around 8 euro’s (up to 2.5 kgs). It rarely takes more than 2 days for items to be delivered too. We used them a lot and very happy with the service.
Social Selling 


If the item is not selling as fast as you expected. You might want to lower the price slightly or give it time. Many apps and platforms also allow you to share the ad post on social platforms simultaneously. If you think, there is someone in your circle of friends could be a buyer, why not share on Facebook or twitter or Google+ , etc too? They may know someone who might need your item. There is a buyer for everything. You just need to know how to reach them and be patient.


When People are Happy, They tend to Sharefeedback4 the Feeling
Bear in mind, that it might be hard to let go of something, but since it has not been bringing joy into your life lately, why not re-invest the money into something you will enjoy more? When it comes to selling stuff, remember that your item might make someone extremely happy Click To Tweetand that is worth more than money itself. See some of the feedback we got.
Since we have extra cash this year, we are heading away on vacation in April. This is not an only one booked this year either. Since we managed to cut the cost of the groceries, energy and everything else, we can afford a lot more than just paying the bills. We now learned to live very comfortably with a lot LESS (junk, of course).


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