Smart Ideas

If you are used to certain things and doing things in certain ways it could be a challenge to change. However we have tried and tested a few things and as usual, we are happy to share. We know one size does not fit all, so pick what you think you can definitely do. Dont forget, do something for 3 weeks and it becomes a habit, so why not make it a smart idea to help you save and improve your lifestyle?

– Choose 3 colours that suit you and try to buy clothes in that pallet, not only it makes it easy to mix and match (making you look stylish and smashing too at all times), but it will cut your clothing spending by a third.

– Instead of running multiple errands, try and organise those to make the most of your time and petrol (or travel fares)

– Empty the bottom drawer of the dishwasher first in order to avoid spills from the top one. Not only it saves time, but also prevents frustration (you can trust us on this)

– Need exercise, but can’t afford the gym or classes? Why not walk? It is free, saves you energy by being out of the house, provides free exercise and who knows what you can think of while out walking? Many people claim that they thought of amazing things while out walking!

Recycling is an excellent way to get rid off rubbish for free

Re-using items is a good way to save, whether it is a plastic bag or compost from a dead plant, it pays in more ways than one.

– Repairing items instead of replacing. Is the damage on that dress beyond repair or could you stitch it up and extend its life?

Let us know if you have tips of your own and why not check out Our Blog?