Things We No Longer Buy

Hello Savers,

It never stops to surprise us what people we know and others are still spending their hard-earned cash on. So we thought to put together a list of things we do not spend our money on anymore. We hope it can help you Cut down the spending and SAVE MORE! Click To Tweet

DVDs (buying or renting)

Things buy


A lot of movies are shown on TV and then there is YouTube and Popcorn, so you can never be bored. Also, libraries usually have DVDs to take out and membership is free! If you want to see a new movie release, why not head to the cinema and make a night out of it once in a while?


Books or E-Books

If you have a tablet or kindle, you probably can use it to read E-boks. But the real saving is when you do not spend money on books or ebooks.There are so many free books out there, you never need to spend anything. Most new authors offer their e-books for FREE (a couple of days per month, usually). So why not check out Amazon for free copies? Or, instead of buying new hardcovers, head to your local charity shop and check out their shelves. You will be amazed at the titles and the value, not to mention you will be helping out a good cause!


Things Buy

You can get all the news online nowadays for free! And what is even better, now instead of reading a paper and get people asking you what is going on? Reverse it – ask them what is going on in the world? You can strike a conversation, find out what is new and maybe make a friend or two. (Image credit to Irish Times)

Online Streaming Services

Actually, we never spent any money on this, but as we know many do, we thought to include this.  Amazon Prime or Netflix is not needed if you are already paying cable. However, if you opt out of cable, this subscription can actually save you money.

Cigarettes or E-Cigarettes

Best thing ever was to give up smoking. It was best for health but finances have improved since too. Hard to change the old habit? Millions have done it and doing it every day, so think about doing something good for YOURSELF, not just the budget.

Kitchen Utensils and other cooking appliances

If you look at every item in the kitchen you bought in the last 5-10 years, you can prob say that it is under-used. You prob can accomplish the dish without it anyway. If you need to invest into a fondue set to make a fondue for a family gathering that happens to be at your house this year, think about changing the menu. You really do not need and it is not an investment.

Happy Saving!

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