The Thrifty Wedding Couple


Your wedding is one of the biggest and momentous occasions of your life and it’s one that you want to be memorable for all the right reasons. In Ireland, it’s practically the “norm” or commonplace for people to spend inordinate amounts of money on their wedding, with some even taking out personal loans in order to have their dream day. While it is likely that in the age of cash gifts from guests that you will recoup a lot of the costs, it’s still nerve-wracking and stressful to take out a personal loan for such a venture. It is still possible to have the day of your dreams but not to spend beyond your means; the key focus for couples should be more on the fact that they’re marrying their dream partner however it’s only natural to still want some element of sheen and limelight on the day. It’s still possible to do this but you must be measured in your approach. Research multiple suppliers for parts of the wedding and negotiation on price where possible. There are lots of forums and discussions online where people can advise about where to get the best bargains. This infographic from the guys at Loyes Diamonds details some nifty ways to save in the planning of your wedding; it also highlights key areas which you shouldn’t forget to budget for after the wedding and it also focuses on some expert opinion that will help you through. Check it out below.



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