Best Times to Buy – Part 1

Hello Savers,

For those of you who follow us on Twitter know that we have been actively seeking out tips for saving, getting out of debt and best times to buy. We decided to dedicate the whole blog post on the area of best times to buy.


You will be surprised how cheap wrapping paper, cards and other non-food items become once Christmas is over. Last January we picked up wrapping paper for as little as 13 cents a roll in Tesco, compared to 2.50 just 2 weeks beforehand.  It was a wise buy. Christmas is not far away and we are sure not to find those bargains in December.


Lingerie, chocolates and other related items are on sale after Valentine’s Day. So it is worth to look around. Sweets make a good gift for any other occasion too. Humidifiers are also on sale in February, so if you think you might need one, go and find one.


Green clothing and St Patrick’s accessories are on sale after 17th March. You could just stock up for next year or who knows where you get to use those…Halloween is just 6 months away from this month! Why not dress up as Saint Patrick?

Winter clothing (if you do not keep up with fashion trends too much you might pick up excellent items half price and more) and ski gear go on sale in March too, so if you been longing for a ski trip. You might start planning now and pick up the gear.


Check out this list of items: Laptops and Desktop PCs, Digital Cameras, Lawn Movers and Spring Clothing.


Athletic apparel and shoes are on sale at this time of the year. Our guess is since New Year resolutions start in January, you might not pick up runners half price then…But you can in May..So think 6 months down the road. It will be worth it and owning a runners might be a good excuse to join the gym and avoid higher fees in January.


Pots and Plants are the obvious here, however indoor furniture, along with carpeting is also on sale at this time. Some swimwear could be going on sale end of June. Most of it will be definitely in sale in July.



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