Why Having a Baby Does Not Have to Cost a Fortune

Let’s face it many of us putting off having a child or kids due to financial reasons. We want to gain financial stability, get a promotion at work, maybe take a course or start a business before becoming a parent. We also want to give the best to our kids, the stuff, we might not had or had, but not sure we can give to our kids yet. While there are many reasons behind not having kids apart from financial pressure a lot of us face, in this article we focus solely on the financial aspect and would like to show you why having a baby does not have to cost a fortune. We would like to show you how with careful planning and some budgeting you can become a parent perhaps sooner than you thought.

Maternity Care is Mostly Free in Ireland

By free, we mean, the scans and hospital appointments will be provided for free. However, not all the tests covered and the number of scans you get will depend on the pregnancy. If you need medication to maintain the pregnancy, those are not fully covered. More information can be found here http://www.hse.ie/eng/services/list/3/maternity/

There are now Maternity and Paternity Leave

Mothers can avail of 26 paid maternity leave weeks and longer unpaid and fathers can also avail of 2 weeks leave. This all makes it easier to manage financially and emotionally.

You Do Not Need to Buy All New Baby Stuff

In many cases, you do not need to buy all new stuff for the baby, although some items will need to be bought new, no exceptions, for example, nappies. Here is a tip, look up free ads on the local sights, you will be surprised what you can pick up. There are hundreds of people willing to give away or sell very cheaply barely used baby stuff and sometimes brand new! Make a list of what you think is needed, consult with other people who have children and see what you can get cheap or free.

You Do Not Need As Much as You Think

having baby in ireland

Most parents confess that they spent way too much money on buying baby stuff. You only need to get essentials first and as baby grows you can assess what else you need. Most likely, you will be able to manage with very few items. Many believe that rocking chair is essential, but is it a need or a want? Don’t forget to ask yourself.

Avail of Free Samples

A lot of companies and supermarkets would send you free samples of baby creams, shampoos, and other items. They are also likely to provide some coupons for further product discounts. You can avail of those by doing some research online and your hospital with provide you with some information too.

Breastfeeding Helps

It is no secret, most money with babies are spent on nappies and formula. So if you want the best for your baby and your budget, breastfeeding is the way to go. It is not for everybody and it will depend on the milk supply, but it is a great way to save on feeding your baby and give him or her the best start in life. Ask midwife for advice if you are unsure.

There is a Child Benefit 

Child Benefit

Once you have all the necessities and ready to welcome the baby, it is worth noting that child benefit is paid to every child in Ireland and is not means tested. So whatever else you might need after your baby is born, you can get it once benefit is in payment.

We hope this was helpful.

Happy Saving!

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